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Tips for winning the ‘Video Repair Test’ argument

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More and more carriers are asking contractors to use video instead of photographs to document repair tests. This approach is even sometimes espoused by contractor-friendly influencers. Documenting this test using video can be effective for some but not for most. There are an increased number of uncontrollable and negative factors introduced when using video.

A few examples of why you shouldn’t use video:

  • Video requires a two-man crew instead of one and doubles the expense
  • Most videos include audio and some things are just better left unsaid
  • Not everyone is cut out for showbiz and video requires a bit more skill

Most of the time the adjuster uses the video format as a trap meant to drum up ways to scrutinize and disqualify your documentation only to then request you try to send them a “better” one. What?!


three tips to help you win THE ’VIDEO REPAIR TEST’ ARGUMENT


Beat them to the punch

Begin by sending an email to the adjuster that informs them of your intentions to perform the reparability test in order to provide them with the documentation they are requiring. Also include that you intend to perform the test using a standardized reparability protocol. When sent at the right time, this email will give you an early advantage and set the stage for better results.

The standardized reparability protocol has several benefits but here are a few:

  • Gives a fuller view for how the carrier’s suggested repair will affect the roof
  • Reflects best practices that highlight careful handling and intentions
  • The photographic documentation acquired will optimize the outcome 

Download a Standardized Reparability Protocol


Duck and weave

If the adjuster requests video documentation there are several ways to successfully rebut their request and below are a few rebuttals that work. However, don’t forget the importance of having a solid foundation in place to undergird your position, namely a supportive homeowner. Do your best to make sure the homeowner is kept in the loop about what you need so you can enlist their support whenever necessary.


‘Safety First’

I’m sorry but we are unable to accommodate your request for us to document the reparability test using video due to this being against our company’s safety policy. Recording a video requires increased use of a cell phone on a pitched slope which unreasonably promotes unsafe behavior. 


‘Busy Bee’

I’m sorry but we aren’t able to accommodate your request for us to document the reparability test using video due to our current workload. Recording a video requires that an extra person attend in order to properly document while the test is being performed and we can’t afford to send another person right now.


‘Meet me outside’

If you won’t accept photo documentation of the reparability test then we will have to meet one of your field adjusters on site for reinspection to witness the results first-hand.


Stand your ground

What do you do if the adjuster ignores your email about using photographs to document the standardized reparability protocol, disregards your policy on safety, questions that you can’t spare the personnel and denies your request for reinspection? In the words of Rocky Balboa, “Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up.” You get the point.

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time in this industry then you know even the best documentation and most reasonable suggestions can still be outright refused by an adjuster. Bottom line, you should expect to be met with refusal at some point throughout any supplement and especially when requesting a full replacement over partial repair. Overcoming this level of refusal is tough for even experienced contractors.

Beyond the resolve to stand your ground, you should do all you can to deescalate communications, clear the air with the adjuster, enlist a supervisor or insurance agent to create positive momentum and ensure your homeowner understands the situation so their support can be increased.

APG has executed over 3100 supplements and have consistently found success by simply persevering and continually employing various tactics to increase the adjuster's accountability in doing the right thing.



There are many ways that the strategies and suggestions within this blog can be used successfully but we hope you’ve gleaned something to improve your efforts. Consider reaching out to us if you would like to learn more about how Aftermath Partner Group can help you. Let us proficiently manage all of the details while navigating various circumstances, like those mentioned within this blog, while you focus on getting more sales!

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