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Tips for winning the ‘Video Repair Test’ argument

More and more carriers are asking contractors to use video instead of photographs to document repair tests. This approach is even sometimes espoused by contractor-friendly influencers. Documenting this test using video can be effective for some but...

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Pros & Cons for Four Types of Outsourced Supplementing Providers

If you read the first part to this blog, called “Choosing the Right Outsourced Supplementing Provider: 4 Models” then you’re ready to expand into the...

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Aftermath Commits to Children’s Cancer Non-Profit, Beat Nb

Aftermath Commits Portion of Every Estimate to Children’s Cancer Non-Profit, Beat Nb

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Learning Amid the Chatter about AOBs: Assignment of Benefits

As a storm damage restoration contractor you may have heard of an Assignment of Benefits (“AOB”) through various forums like Storm Ventures Group, or...

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What is a Damage Assessment?

When growing, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle of closing that next deal, attending that next adjustment and building that next job. This pace can...

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Choosing the Right Outsourced Supplementing Provider: 4 Models

You have decided it’s time to outsource all or some of your estimating and supplementing. Congratulations on making this decision for your business....

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